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Product Name:DC Bus Shunt Box


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Product Details

Product features
To meet the requirements of easy connection, simple maintenance and high reliability for the electrophoresis tank anode tube and the electrophoretic coating power supply, a shunting device is required to be installed between them. The wires for a number of anode tubes are connected into the shunt box according to the direction current range input by the anode tubes, and the current is shunted
by connecting the rectifieranodes. Each connected anode tube is provided with short circuit protection and reverse current protection, and the current can be accurately measured and communicated to the host computer.
The shunt box can also accurately locate the anode tube array faults and give alarms, measure and monitor the anode tube array current and output the state monitoring of circuit breaker, being greatly
convenient for the remote diagnosis of running state for the shunt box and the anode tube arrays.

■ Protection level of shunt box: IP54
■ A single circuit or more circuits may be
connected with the circuit breaker in series for protection according to the technical requirements.
■ The current measurement and control
unit uses a reliable performance shunting device for current monitoring, and the
measuring accuracy can be 1%.
■ Cabinet display mode: digital display
meter, analog meter, non.

Product Specification Table

No. Quantity of Branches Specification W D H
1 30 HFA30-50A2 800 400 1000
2 80 HFA80-50A2 2000 600 1600
3 Customized HFAXX-XXA2T      

Model Definition 

H F A 30 - 電流A 2 T
HongCheng Abbreviation of shunt box A: analog current meter
D: digital current meter
N: no current meter
Number of an tubes   Full scale of current meter for each anode 0: Standard
2: short circuit protection
3: short circuit protection + reverse currentprotection
Definition of communication interface
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