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MAC-IGBT Power Supply

Product Name:MAC-IGBT Small Power Supply


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Operating Principle of MAC-IGBT Small Power Supply
MAC-IGBT power supply adopts the pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, and uses Infineon fourth generation IGBT power module as a switching component, and the filtration module, the rectifier module, the inverter module, the power converter module and the control unit form a whole perfect system. The complete machine has the prominent characteristics of small volume, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving, high reliability, etc.
■ The operating principle is as follows:
■ AC input - rectifier - filter circuit - IGBT power unit;
■ IGBT inverts the above direct current into 20kHz square wave alternating current under PWM waveform control generated by the control circuit;
■ The high-frequency transformer insulates and reduces voltage to transfer power;
■ The output rectifier, the reactor filter and the output conform to the required DC voltage and current;
■ The display circuit displays the operating current and the operating voltage.

Technical indexes of MAC-IGBT small power supply

■ Operating frequency: 20KHz
■ Control mode: PWM modulation
■ Stabilized voltage precision: <0.5%
■ Stabilized current precision: <0.5%
■ DC ripple factor: <1% within full range
■ Efficiency:88-92% within full range
■ Power factor: ≥ 0.9within full range

No. Specification W D H Weight / kg
1 HC-GYF 100A/500V 600 600 1800 245kg
2 HC-GYF 200A/500V 600 600 1800 300kg
3 HC-GYF 300A/500V 600 600 2000 400kg

Note: the user may define the specifications.
The weight is calculated value, is deviated from the actual value, and is for reference only.

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