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Variable performance

Name: Gac mitsubishi mot...

Time: 2014-2-17

Capacity: 2400A450V 10KV line

Name: CRRC Times Electri...

Time: 2014-2-17

Capacity: 5000A400V

Name: MAXUS (saicmaxus)

Time: 2016-4-12

Capacity: 1500A/500V 4 sets

Name: Jianghuai Automobi...

Time: 2015-11

Capacity: 3000A400V 2 Sets

Name: Dongfeng Motor Cor...

Time: 2014-11

Capacity: AC380V Line


Time: 2014-7

Capacity: 1200A400V


Time: 2014-12

Capacity: AC380V Three-phase line

No. Capacity Project Name
1 5000A/400V CSR Group CSR car body painting workshop project
2 3000A/400V Hefei with the major Jianghuai Automobile Body Co., Ltd.
3 2400A/450V Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi 80,000 SUV electrophoresis project
4 1800A/400V Shenyang Tieling Brilliance Automotive Project
5 1600A/350V Dongfeng Motor Group Passenger Car Company New Energy Plant Project
6 1500A/500V SAIC Wuxi base second painting workshop M + E project
7 1500A/450V Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd. second body factory
8 1200A/400V Than the German industrial park Redding car electrophoresis project
9 1200A/400V Meilade electric car body electrophoresis project
10 1200A/400V Beijing Futian heavy truck heavy parts to enhance the construction project
11 1150A/400V Guangdong Fudi frame electrophoresis line project
12 1000A/450V Shanghai Huizhong car Anting South plant electrophoresis line rectifier expansion project
13 1000A/400V Fukuda Lovol International Heavy Industries
14 800A/350V Sany Heavy Machinery Parts Electrophoresis Painting Project
15 800A/450V Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd. second body factory - body workshop
16 600A/350V Guangxi Hechi vehicle electrophoresis coating line project
17 500A/350V Luoyang Yanshi Hongqiang motorcycle electrophoresis project
18 300A/450V Shiyan Dongfeng Automobile Wheel Wheel Electrophoresis Coating Line Project
19 200A/350V (Shanghai) Mitsubishi parts electrophoresis
20 150A/300V Chongqing Yangtze River electric shell production line project (military)
21 80A/400V Shanghai BASF Laboratory Project
22 16A/220V Great Wall R & D Center New Energy Vehicle Test Power Supply
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